Saturday, 27 August 2011

What a Difference a Week Makes

My goodness, what  week I've had.  I've been pronounced brilliant, at least I think that's what my old lady said, something about putting my name down for uni.  She's  quite a card really, always laughing and joking, but then I get to cuddle into her neck and she sings to me (I haven't the heart to tell her she's tuneless.)

Last night I went to a party. Honestly. The great Johnny Lake was playing and my old lady worried my delicate little lug holes might suffer from the loud rock music, so we came home early and I walked all the way, in the dark. It was good though, my old fella (who's such a fab guy) held the flashlight and I chased this other little shadow doggy all the way home.

And so today we are having an at home day, that's what she said as she gave me a carrot!  A CARROT?  What does she think I am, a donkey?  Still, a gal's gotta take whatever comes along, ain't she?

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