Friday, 19 August 2011

Farewell my homeland

So this is it - I'm off on my adventures, leaving O H I O and all my mates.  Yesterday I had a bath.  I couldn't believe it; there am I very happy with my puppy whiffs and that ole Mom Diane comes along and gives me a bath - I sincerely hope this is not the start of something sinister.

So I'm off to Canada, to the land of mounties and maple syrup and I'm sure hoping it lives up to expectations - because I ain't had no bath for nuthin'!

I'll report in when I get to my new home - but hey - I just found out this monstrosity is what's waiting for me to travel in on the aeroplane - did I say aeroplane??????  wow, I'm so excited I nearly peed myself.  Mustn't do that on the plane, no sirree.

See you on the other side guys and gals...

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