Sunday, 25 September 2011

Name Change?

I've been doing a lot of thinking these past few days. I was only here in my new home for two weeks and suddenly we are off to the airport again, and then after lots of kisses and cuddles my old lady went away.  I was devastated.

But then my old fella turned out to be the loveliest of guys, let me do absolutely anything I wanted, stay up all night if I liked, wrestled with Bentley until my mouth was full of fur, ate everyone else's dinner and my own too. And then whammo - my old lady's back from her two weeks away and things have changed around here already. I thought I'd got it good with my old fella twisted right around my little paw but she's putting a stop to all that pampering.

My old lady keeps yelling STOPPIT, so I reckon that's my name  now.  It's great to have her back though, I thought she'd gone for good.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Bizzy Week

Well, I’ve just about been run off my bizzy little paw-pads.  Last Sunday we had a trip out and I met more doggies: Angel and Summertime, out at the lake. They were pretty friendly. My old fella wanted to let me off the leash for a run, by my ole lady, cautious as ever, said it was too soon.  Too soon? What’s that supposed to mean?

Anyway, she took loads of photos and boy was I tired when we got home.
Have you seen my shade tent?  Isn’t that great? My old lady says they were on sale. My old fellas says I’m spoiled. But they were both grinning, so I take that as all good.

Bentley is my buddy. We have a great time wrestling but I’m getting mouths full of fluff as he is quite a hairy beast. 

Was that him or me?

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Um Billy Kill

My ole lady cracks me up, she really does. For the past three days we’ve been doing what she calls um-billy-kill - well something like that anyway. She’s had my leash tethered to her belt which means everywhere she goes, I go too. I so didn’t want to do laundry today, but loading the dishwasher was super yummy.

Then of course that miserable guy Dyson came on the scene. I’d been having such a great time nosing through crumbs and fluffy corners - he had to go and spoil the day.

Ho hum. Bentley’s become a great chum though and he’s taught me to bark.  Bark. Bark. There, did ya hear me?