Monday, 22 August 2011

Happy Landings

After a great slumber party at Alex's where I could sniff the Indian Take Out - but that's all, it was off to MacDonalds for breakfast and then to the airport for a ride in a big plane.  I had to travel inside that dreadful pink thing - how humiliating was that? This is a picture of me with my new Mom just before we said goodbye to lovely Alex.

 After that it was loads of fun. I christened the front lawn of Hamiliton International Airport (well, a gal's gotta do, what a gal's gotta do, right?).

Then I watched all the comings and goings and had conversations with loads of folks who thought I was a Jack Russell!!!!!! Starting with the nice gal at WestJet, a large hairy brown dog who was going to New York, a woman at Tim Horton's called Susan (same name as my new Mom), and an interesting lady from New Brunswick.

So - I'm now in Nova Scotia in my new home and I've almost succeeded in biting the head off that dreadful pink elephant in between snuggles with my new Dad, playing the bottle game with big brother Bentley and finding the best peeing spots with Aunty Nelly. My new Mom keeps singing a song about that, but she can't sing so I cover my ears. She tells me I've landed on my feet. I guess...

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