Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Bizzy Week

Well, I’ve just about been run off my bizzy little paw-pads.  Last Sunday we had a trip out and I met more doggies: Angel and Summertime, out at the lake. They were pretty friendly. My old fella wanted to let me off the leash for a run, by my ole lady, cautious as ever, said it was too soon.  Too soon? What’s that supposed to mean?

Anyway, she took loads of photos and boy was I tired when we got home.
Have you seen my shade tent?  Isn’t that great? My old lady says they were on sale. My old fellas says I’m spoiled. But they were both grinning, so I take that as all good.

Bentley is my buddy. We have a great time wrestling but I’m getting mouths full of fluff as he is quite a hairy beast. 

Was that him or me?

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  1. She's so dang CUTE and she's growing like a weed!!